Part No Part Name Price
BW001 Triplex stickers (f/screen) £1.50 each
BW002 Child safety stickers £0.60 each
BW003 Regulator box stickers £1.00 each
BW004 Chrome insert (Front and Rear screen) £8.50 each
BW005 Wiper blades complete £14.00 each
BW006 Chrome trims top n/s rear wing £4.50 each
BW006a Roof moulding trim clips stud and nut £1.00 each
BW007 Chrome door mirrors £17.00 each
BW008 Bonnet pull handles Series 2 £1.50 each
BW009 Front seat diaphragms Series 2 NLA
BW010 Front number plate bracket £10.00 pair
BW011 Bonnet stay grommet £1.00 each
BW012 Rear panel trim clips £4.00 set
BW012a Rear Panel Trim Clips Stud & Nut £1.00 each
BW013 Overrider mounting rubber £3.00 set
BW014 Roof aerials NLA
BW015 Door weather strip clips £0.50 each
BW016 Bonnet stay clip £1.50 each
BW017 Series 2 bonnet release cable £23.00 each
BW017a Spring clip between bonnet release cable & handle £1.50 each
BW017b Series 1 bonnet release cable £23.00
BW018 Series 2 choke cable inner (Exchange) £15.00 each
BW018a Series 1 inner choke cable (Exchange) £15.00 each
BW019 Fuel filler caps NO LONGER AVAILABLE --
BW020 Wiper arms £7.00 each
BW021 Bonnet cable to front grommet £4.50 each
BW022 Rubber tie for jack and wheel brace £2.00 each
BW023 Tie on wiring loom tags £2.00 each
BW024 Wiring loom labels for under dash, bonnet & roof loom £1.00 each
BW025 Rear quarter glass safety lock sticker £2.00 each
BW026 Washer jet & bag tubing £5.00 set
BW027 4 door drop glass set £240.00 (per set)
BW028 Choke cable deluxe/super (exchange) £15.00 each
BW029 Wing mirror arms (swept back type) £7.50 each
BW030 Wing mirror arms (short type) £7.50 each
BW031 Wing mirror heads £10.00 each
BW032 Genuine Ford locking fuel caps NO LONGER AVAILABLE --
BW033 Genuine type wiper arms NLA
BW034 Speedo cable grommet £6.00 each
BW035 Dynamo adjuster wiring grommet £3.00 each
BW036 Choke cable/bulkhead grommet £3.00 each
BW037 Washer pipe/bulkhead (single pipe) grommet £5.00 each
BW038 Accelerator rod/bulkhead grommet £6.00 each
BW039 Washer pipe/bulkhead (double pipe) grommet £6.00 each
BW040 Spare wheel and tool well drain grommet £5.00 each
BW041 4 door centre pillar triangular buffer £11.00 each
BW042 Fuel filler neck to tank rubber Engine £20.00 each
BW046 Sill kick plates original pattern with correct pressing and holes 2 door or 4 dr series 1 & 2 £48.00 (per set)