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• Ring John Chapman (Monday to Friday only between 6.30pm and 9.00pm) for
confirmation of availability and price for post and packing. you can also fax or
e-mail John at times outside the above, but please allow extra time for holidays and
dispatch to courier.
• Once you have this information, send your payment or postal order with a
covering note listing the parts you require, your name, address including postcode,
Membership Number and contact telephone number in case of a query. PLEASE
• Your parts will be sent to you after your cheque has cleared, so if you need parts
urgently, please make sure that you allow enough time for this.
• Please make all cheques payable to: THE FORD CORTINA MK II & 1600E OWNERS’ CLUB LTD
Not to the Spares Secretary personally.
Please do not send cheques without all the above information, as this will only delay your
order. Please only send your parts order to the Spares Secretary, John Chapman. Sending
details to another Committee Member, again, will delay your order.

Contact and ordering details!
Please telephone John on the Club Spares Hotline (01375 640688) to confirm availability of your requirements,
but only between the hours of 6.30pm and 9.00pm. Monday to Friday.
Alternatively, you can either fax , using the number (01375 640688) or
email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Service items available separately. Please phone for further details.
John Chapman.

Body Panels
Part No Part Name Price
BP1 Tool Well £155.00 each
BP10 Front windscreen scuttle ends O/S & N/S £228.00 each
BP11 Front wing rear edge rep o/s & n/s £265.00 each
BP12 Front valance £367.00 each
BP13 Boot floor £798.00 each
BP14 Rear tub rear stiffener plates £23.00 each
BP15 Slam panel end repair sections O/S & N/S £25.00 each
BP16 Outer Tramp Bar bracket sections £30.00 each
BP17 Rear Valance £223.00 each
BP2 Tool Well Side £102.00 each
BP3 Front Jacking Point O/S & N/S £140.00 each
BP4 Rear Jacking Point O/S & N/S £140.00 each
Part No Part Name Price
BW001 Triplex stickers (f/screen) £1.50 each
BW002 Child safety stickers £0.60 each
BW003 Regulator box stickers £1.00 each
BW004 Chrome insert (Front and Rear screen) £8.50 each
BW005 Wiper blades complete £14.00 each
BW006 Chrome trims top n/s rear wing £4.50 each
BW006a Roof moulding trim clips stud and nut £1.00 each
BW007 Chrome door mirrors £17.00 each
BW008 Bonnet pull handles Series 2 £1.50 each
BW009 Front seat diaphragms Series 2 NLA
BW010 Front number plate bracket £10.00 pair
BW011 Bonnet stay grommet £1.00 each
Braking System
Part No Part Name Price
BR001 Brake shoes x 4 (E & GT) (Exchange) £35.00 set
BR002 Brake shoe hold down kit £4.80 set
BR003 Brake pads x 4 (E & GT) £16.00 set
BR004 Brake pad pins (3/16 dia) £1.25 set
BR005 Brake pad pins (1/4 dia) £4.00 set
BR006 Brake master cylinder (E & GT) (Exchange) £70.00 each
BR007 Master cylinder push rod £2.50 each
BR008 Master cylinder repair kit (E & GT) £10.00 each
BR009 Cylinder cap rubber seal £0.20 each
BR010 Brake disc (E & GT) £42.00 pair
BR010a Standard 1300 & 1600 brake discs £46.00 pair
BR011 Flexible hose (front) £11.00 each
Part No Part Name Price
CL001 Clutch kit (3 piece) £70.00
CL001a Lotus Clutch kit (3 piece) £115.00
CL002 Master cylinder £50.00 each
CL003 Master cylinder push rod £2.50 each
CL004 Master cylinder repair kit £10.00 each
CL005 Cylinder cap rubber seal £0.20 each
CL006 Slave cylinder repair kit £5.00 each
CL007 Pedal rubber £3.50 each
CL008 Slave cylinder (Exchange) £125.00 each
CL008a Slave cylinder circular clip £1.00
CL009 Hydraulic pipe (Remanufactured) £25.00 each
CL010 Clutch master cylinder top £9.00 each
Part No Part Name Price
EL001 Wipac spotlight relay £21.00 each
EL002 Wipac spotlight bulb £4.00 each
EL003 Rear light red lens (o/s) £6.00 each
EL004 Rear light red lens (n/s) £6.00 each
EL005 Engine bay grey loom clips £0.50 each
EL005a Engine bay grey loom clips, original Ford £1.00 each
EL006 Grey loom tape £4.00 each
EL007 Washer bag foot valve £1.20 each
EL008 Rear indicator lens (n/s) £6.00 each
EL009 Front side light unit (o/s) £7.00 each
EL010 Rear indicator lens (o/s) £6.00 each
EL011 Starter motor (Exchange) £42.00 each
Part No Part Name Price
EN001 Carburettor Kit (32 DFM) £22.00 each
EN002 Radiator hose top (please state early large tank or later small tank rad.) £11.00 each
EN003 Radiator hose bottom £11.00 each
EN003a Lotus top hose £16.50
EN003b Lotus bottom hose £16.00
EN004 Rubber plug lead holder NO LONGER AVAILABLE --
EN005 Throttle spindle grommet £1.00 each
EN006 Thermostat gasket £0.30 each
EN007 Rocker box gasket Cross-flow £1.50 each
EN008 Oil filter paper £2.50 each
EN009 Oil filter canister £2.50 each
EN010 Oil pump £55.00 each
Engine Bay
Part No Part Name Price
EB1 Roll Bar Mount O/S & N/S £247.00 each
EB2 Inner Wing Repair O/S & N/S £393.00 each
EB3 Inner Wing Top Plate O/S & N/S £150.00 each
EB4 Flitch Plate O/S & N/S £113.00 each
EB5 Head Lamp Panel O/S & N.S £303.00 each
EB6 A Post O/S & N/S £240.00 each
EB7 Hinge Pillar O/S & N/S £245.00 each
Ford Original Panels
Part No Part Name Price
FOP1 Slam Panel Sold
FOP10 Series 2 o/s door skin 2 door Sold
FOP2 Rear ¼ panel o/s 4 door Sold
FOP3 Radiator panel n/s Sold
FOP4 B post o/s Sold
FOP5 Series 2 n/s front doorskin Sold
FOP6 O/s rear ¼ panel estate Sold
FOP7 Front wing n/s (damaged) Sold
FOP8 Bulkhead/firewall Series 1 automatic Sold
FOP9 Series 2 n/s door skin 2 door Sold
Gearbox Axle
Part No Part Name Price
GA001 Speedo cable series 1 £5.00 each
GA002 Propeller shaft u/s £8.00 each
GA003 Rear wheel bearing £21.00 each
GA004 Front wheel bearing £21.00 each
GA005 G-box front bearing series 2 £18.00 each
GA006 G-box rear bearing series 2 £18.00 each
GA007 G-box gasket set series 2 £4.00 each
GA008 G-box mount cross-flow £15.00 each
GA009 G-box front oil seal Series 2 £6.50 each
GA010 G-box rear oil seal series 2 £4.50 each
GA011 G-box reversing light Switch series 2 £8.00 each
GA012 Diff gasket to axle casing £2.50 each
Part No Part Name Price
Misc Engine bay decals £7.30
Nuts, bolts, clips and fixings
Part No Part Name Price
SUS01 Rear leaf springs (2 sides) £3.50 set
SUS02 Shock absorber (2 sides) £3.40 set
SUS03 Anti tramp (2 sides) £16.00 set
SUS04 Front strut (2 sides) £6.40 set
SUS05 Roll bar front (2 sides) £1.80 set
SUS06 TCA to beam £4.50 per side
SUS07 Inner to outer track rod end clamps (both sides nut and bolt kit) £4.00 set
SUS08 Propshaft nut & bolt kit £4.00 set
SUS09 Water pump bolt kit £3.00 set
SUS10 Lock tabs and nuts for air cleaner to carburettor £8.00 set
SUS11 Anti roll bar lock tabs £3.20 each
SUS12 Brake disc lock tabs £2.75 each
Part No Part Name Price
ST001 Inner track rod ends (o/s) (Exchange) £42.00 each
ST002 Inner track rod ends (n/s) (Exchange) £42.00 each
ST003 Outer track rod ends £25.00 each
ST004 Idler arm £45.00 exchange
ST004a Idler arm rubber dust cover £1.50 each
ST005 Idler arm & drop arm bushes £10.00 per side
ST006 Track rod end ball joint covers £2.50 each
ST007 Steering column top bearing £20.00 each
ST008 Drop arm bottom peg £12.00 each
ST009 Steering drop arm wear washers £1.10 each
ST010 Centre rod repair kit (comprises 4 bushes, 4 wear washers, 2 slotted nuts & 2 steel washers) £30.00 each
ST011 Reconditioned steering box (Exchange) £290 each
Part No Part Name Price
SU001 Anti roll bar bush £4.50 each
SU002 Front strut (recon E & GT)(Exchange) £95.00 each
SU003 Front strut (recon standard)(Exchange) £30.00 each
SU004 Track control arms (Exchange) £110.00 each
SU005 TCA bush kit £12.00
SU006 TCA ball joint cover £3.50 each
SU007 RSA top bush (small) £1.50 each
SU008 RSA bottom bush £1.50 each
SU009 RSA bottom bush sleeve £0.40 each
SU010 Radius arm to axle bush £4.00 each
SU011 5 leaf rear spring (series 1) £260.00
SU012 Suspension top mounts (Exchange) £35.00 each
Trim Rubber
Part No Part Name Price
TR001 Door handle gasket set 2 door £4.00 set
TR002 Door handle gasket set 4 door £6.00 set
TR003 Rear screen rubber £42.00 each
TR004 Bonnet bumpers slam £5.00 pair
TR005 Brake pipe grommets inner wing (grey) £12.00 pair
TR006 Wiper arm spindle gaskets £5.00 set
TR007 Interior mirror screen buffers £6.00 each
TR008 Steering box gaskets £6.00 each
TR009 Heater pipe outlet gasket £4.00 each
TR010 Headlamp backing rubbers £21.00 pair
TR011 Rear lamp body gasket set £12.00 set
TR012 Front and rear lens gasket set £12.00 set
Under Body
Part No Part Name Price
UB1 Half Floor O/S & N/S £393.00 each
UB2 R/Chassis Rpr to Bumper O/S & N/S £303.00 each
UB3 Inner Sill O/S & N/S £150.00 each
UB4 Chassis Repair O/S & N/S £73.00 each
UB5 Gearbox Member end repair £54.00 each
UB6 Under wing suspension turret kit £200.00 set