Part No Part Name Price
SUS01 Rear leaf springs (2 sides) £3.50 set
SUS02 Shock absorber (2 sides) £3.40 set
SUS03 Anti tramp (2 sides) £16.00 set
SUS04 Front strut (2 sides) £6.40 set
SUS05 Roll bar front (2 sides) £1.80 set
SUS06 TCA to beam £4.50 per side
SUS07 Inner to outer track rod end clamps (both sides nut and bolt kit) £4.00 set
SUS08 Propshaft nut & bolt kit £4.00 set
SUS09 Water pump bolt kit £3.00 set
SUS10 Lock tabs and nuts for air cleaner to carburettor £8.00 set
SUS11 Anti roll bar lock tabs £3.20 each
SUS12 Brake disc lock tabs £2.75 each
SUS13 Brake calliper lock tabs £2.75 each
SUS14 Bottom suspension leg lock tab £5.50 each
SUS15 External engine nut & bolt kit, includes all ancillaries, bell housing, starter and engine mounts £36.00 set
SUS16 Exhaust manifold studs £6.00 set of 6
SUS17 Steering box and idler nuts & bolts £1.50 each
SUS18 Brake disc back plate bolt kit £1.50 set
SUS19 Rear drum screws £1.50 set
SUS20 Anti roll bar slotted nuts £4.00 set
SUS21 Door card clip buttons £0.20 each
SUS22 Outside door handle screws £0.50 each
SUS23 Indicator stalk/horn button stainless steel cap (2 types available) £1.00
SUS24 Fibre washer for chrome bumper bolts £0.50 each
SUS25 Radiator bolt and clip £1.00 each
SUS26 Badge plastic clip £0.20 each
SUS27 Clip to hold wiring to fuel line sender unit £0.50 each
SUS28 Engine mount lock tab stainless steel £2.75 each
SUS29 Camshaft lock tab £2.75 each
SUS30 Brake and fuel line clips under car and engine bay £1.00 each
SUS31 Nuts for brake flexi hoses £0.50 each
SUS32 Radiator clip to side to hold overflow pipe £1.00 each
SUS33 Radiator overflow plastic outlet on filler neck £1.00 each