Part No Part Name Price
TR001 Door handle gasket set 2 door £4.00 set
TR002 Door handle gasket set 4 door £6.00 set
TR003 Rear screen rubber £42.00 each
TR004 Bonnet bumpers slam £5.00 pair
TR005 Brake pipe grommets inner wing (grey) £12.00 pair
TR006 Wiper arm spindle gaskets £5.00 set
TR007 Interior mirror screen buffers £6.00 each
TR008 Steering box gaskets £6.00 each
TR009 Heater pipe outlet gasket £4.00 each
TR010 Headlamp backing rubbers £21.00 pair
TR011 Rear lamp body gasket set £12.00 set
TR012 Front and rear lens gasket set £12.00 set
TR013 Reversing light gasket set £5.00 set
TR014 4d w/strip set £25.00 set
TR015 2d w/strip set £20.00 set
TR016 Door rubbers 4 door car (Remanufactured ready to fit with moulded corners and pins attached) £190.00 set of 4
TR016a 2 door door rubbers, remanufactured ready to fit with moulded corners and pins attached £118.00 per pair
TR017 Wing bonnet bumpers (front and rear) £13.00 pair
TR018 Boot lid bumpers £4.50 pair
TR019 Boot seal rubber £22.00 each
TR020 2 door side rear ¼ window rubbers £92.00 each
TR021 Door edge opening trim (4 door car) £20.00
TR021a Door edge opening trim (2 door car) £15.00
TR022 Boot lock gasket £0.50 each
TR023 Full carpet set (state black, brown or blue & left hand drive) £145 each
TR023a Front over mat set £35.00
TR024 Boot mat (nearest pattern available) £35.00
TR025 Spare Wheel cover £30.00
TR026 Washer hose grommet £5.00 each
TR027 Tool well anti rattle mat £5.00 each
TR028 Front screen rubber £42.00 each